We have come to a point today where we have plenty of time on our hands, and so it is high time we tackle a wardrobe clean-out. Of course, detoxifying your wardrobe is no easy task. It requires excellent organizational skills and, indeed, ruthless decision making.

How can you detoxify your wardrobe innovatively and effectively? That is where we step in. It is essential to know where you can begin organizing, saying goodbye to certain items, or how often you should clear out your closet. Please keep reading for our top tips on a comprehensive wardrobe detox.

Questions to Ask Yourself

So, where do you begin? First, ask yourself, when was the last time I wore this? Another great question to ask yourself is, how many times have I worn this? These two questions are indeed the key deciding factors of whether you should keep or give away something from your closet.

Give yourself a dedicated few hours to sort through the closet. The best and most workable technique would be to organize your clothes by season. Clear out the previous season and focus on what you will be wearing for the next few months. Here, you can ask yourself, is it an essential item? If it isn’t an essential item, then ask yourself, how much do I like it? Also, is it in good condition and whether to keep that or rid of it?

Your answers to these questions will tell you objectively whether it’s a yay or nay to keeping the items. Perhaps the most challenging question you can ask yourself is would I buy this now? If the answer is no, then you know what you got to do.

If it’s something you love or have a purpose, then keep it. But if you answered no to all of the above, then say bye-bye! Once you have cleared out your wardrobe, you can think about filling in the gaps with the important things you need for the next season.

How Often Should You Do a Wardrobe Detox?

It’s best to do it twice a year according to seasonal changes. Make sure you give away before you take more on. Detoxifying your wardrobe is also crucial for you to reflect and see how your personal style has evolved.

A trick you can use to realizes just how often you use certain pieces would be to place all your hangers in the same direction. Turn the hanger away once you wear the piece. You will quickly realize how much of your stuff you actually use and how much you need to give away. Unless something has sentimental value to you, give it away.

A wardrobe detox will save you a lot of time from sorting through the piles of much unused clothing stuff. It will help you to be a lot more organized and efficient. Sorting it by item and colour will be genuinely effective. If you give away some things, you will have space for new things.

What to Do with Unwanted Clothes? 

 Now that you have taken the step to detoxify your wardrobe, what to do with unwanted clothes? There are plenty of sustainable things you can do for old clothes.

Clothes that are torn or stained can be upcycled into different things such as masks, padding, cleaning cloths, etc. Or you can donate your old clothes, towels, and other old fabric to animal shelters, which they can use to clean, make beds and blankets, and help the shelter feel more comfortable for the animals.

Donate them to a charity shop. It is easy to find charity shops you can give your clothes to or who might even pick them up from your home. You can even donate them to a clothes bank.

If you have family members who are as passionate about sustainability as you, then hand-me-down is an excellent option. It is an environmentally friendly choice which will also save lots of money over the years. You can also exchange clothes with friends. If you want to earn a little cash, you can sell them second hand in many shops like depop or eBay et al. You can even check out thrift stores on social media sites. Just make sure these clothes you sell are in good condition, and that you are honest about any damage to them.

Wardrobe Storage Tips

We’ll outline some wardrobe storage tips for you so that your closet looks neat and tidy, and maybe even a little bit of envy to others.

  • Sort your clothes according to category. Keep similar items together. You can find storage containers or draw dividers online to help you sort out socks and other small items such as your undergarments.
  • Hang up anything delicate or fancy. You even get fancy hangers on which you can hang a couple of clothes. Then you can neatly hang them all up in your wardrobe.
  • Stack thick items like sweaters and denim. They won’t slack or slide off because they are sturdier, making it easy to keep this section neat.
  • Get storage boxes for t-shirts and sportswear. These clothes can easily be rolled up and kept in these boxes, minimizing the amount of space required to store them. Don’t forget that it is a significant space saver.
  • Keep your most commonly used outfits at eye level or somewhere easy to reach. It is easier to find and grab and also saves time on busy mornings.
  • If you are a visual person, it might help to sort your clothes out by colour. Yes, this may seem more tedious to do but it will make your life so much easier once you are done.
  • Not all of us are lucky to have oversized closets. In such cases, we can make use of vertical space. Get top shelves and over the door shoe racks to maximize space in your closet.
  • Utilize empty wall space for jewellery and hang your scarves up on hangers.

These are our tips to help maximize efficiency for your wardrobe. And, we wish you luck in detoxifying your wardrobe!